The Feckin' Collection - 2nd Book of Irish Slang

The 2nd Book of Feckin Irish Slang that makes a holy show of the first one


Stop the lights! It's the one you've been gummin' for the second book of Feckin' Irish Slang that'll stop you losing the head when listening to the guff that passes for English among the quare hawks and gurriers, jackeens and bogtrotters of Ireland. Whether you're a chancer or a doss artist, a heifer or a nice bit of talent, this one's definitely worth a dekko. It has a rake of words and expressions that are absolutely mighty. It might give a beamer to a bishop but it's guaranteed to put a savage smile on your puss even if you're scuttered. So what are you waiting for? It would be a mortaller to miss out ..


64 pages that no self respecting Irish person should be without (as soon as they've read the first one, of course...)!